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Commerce Selects First Ever Chief Data Scientist

Photo of Jeff ChenWith the launch of the Commerce Data Service (CDS), the U.S. Department of Commerce is taking big steps toward building a data-driven government. Today, we are excited to announce another major milestone in this effort – the Commerce Department hires its first-ever Chief Data Scientist, Jeffrey Chen.

The addition of Jeff to the team will help supercharge our data projects that will fundamentally change the way people and businesses interact with the department and its bureaus using the power of data science. He will incorporate experimental data science and product development to support the strategic goals of the Commerce Data Service and of America's Data Agency.

Jeff joins the team after an extensive public service career with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and the New York City Fire Department. Jeff's extensive background, developing products and services in a diverse set of fields ranging from emergency services to international public health to legal affairs to trade economy, will provide enormous value for the Department as we continue our mission to create the conditions for economic growth and opportunity.

As Chief Data Scientist, Jeff will play a key role in advancing the projects that are a key focus of the Commerce Data Service. From using weather data to model and predict severe weather incidents and impact to utilizing trade data to boost America's exports to modernizing patent data, there's a lot of transformative work to be done.

The entire Commerce Data Service team is excited to have Jeff on board and looks forward to the exciting work he'll be engaged in at the Commerce Department.

We will be performing most of our work on open platforms and will be engaging our clients every step of the way. Check out our Github organization.

We also continue to build our team, so if you are interested in open data and improving the way government works, check us out at and email us at  

By Dr. Tyrone Grandison, Deputy Chief Data Officer, U.S. Department of Commerce


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