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The Economics and Statistics Administration (ESA) plays three key roles within the Department of Commerce (DOC). ESA provides timely economic analysis, disseminates national economic indicators, and oversees the U.S. Census Bureau (Census) and the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA). In this latter role, ESA works closely with the leadership at BEA and Census on high priority management, budget, employment, and risk management issues, integrating the work of these agencies with the priorities and requirements of the Department of Commerce and other government entities.

ESA's expert economists and analysts produce in-depth reports, fact sheets, and briefings on policy issues and current economic events. DOC and White House policymakers rely on these tools, as do American businesses, state and local governments, and news organizations around the world. See our Reports section for a list of recent reports.

Under Secretary for Economic Affairs


Deputy Under Secretary for Economic Affairs

Brad Burke

Brad Burke serves as the Deputy Under Secretary of Economic Affairs. As Deputy Under Secretary, Mr. Burke provides general oversight and coordination of all matters in the Economics and Statistics Administration (ESA) relating to management and operations of ESA, the U.S. Census Bureau, and the Bureau of Economic Analysis programs, as well as legislation, congressional affairs and liaison, public affairs, and intergovernmental affairs.

Chief Economist


Deputy Chief Economist

Rob Rubinovitz

Rob Rubinovitz, Deputy Chief Economist, oversees the staff of the Office of the Chief Economist. Prior to coming to ESA, Dr. Rubinovitz served as a vice president at NERA Economic Consulting, where he analyzed economic and policy issues in such areas as telecommunications and media, pharmaceuticals and over-the counter drugs, retail products, and financial services and developed expertise in the application of econometrics to merger analysis and other applied microeconomic topics.

Chief Financial Officer & Director of Administration

Jeremy Pelter

As Chief Financial Officer and Director of Administration, Mr. Pelter has responsibility for the planning, budgeting, performance, and financial management activities for the Economics and Statistics Administration (ESA) and the Bureau of Economic Analysis, and for oversight of the Census Bureau budget and financial management activities.

Director of External Affairs

Raul E. Cisneros

Raul E. Cisneros serves as the Director of External Affairs for the Economics & Statistics Administration (ESA) at the U.S. Department of Commerce. Mr. Cisneros manages all aspects of external affairs including public and inter-agency communications, as well as the coordination and oversight of outreach activities by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) and the U.S. Census Bureau. He also directs the critical function of communicating ESA's mission, which includes engaging a diverse stakeholder community.


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